Tick Testing

We are currently collecting, identifying, and tracking areas with heavy tick populations and tick-borne diseases. Click the link below to see our data and to learn how you can help by sending in found ticks.

Collaborative Lab Space

BeBop Labs takes an innovative, inclusive approach to scientific problem-solving. We encourage bottom-up research of the sort that’s frequently overlooked. For example, we don’t just test ticks, we ask people to send us the found ticks, we instruct them on taking precautions, in identifying the type of tick they find and in recognizing the signs of disease. As we move into water testing, we want people to understand what is healthful in their drinking water as well as what is harmful.

As a forward-thinking organization, we stress the importance of acquiring, understanding and being able to use scientific knowledge, particularly for young women and girls. That said, our future lab will be open to the community, local businesses and, of course, schools. We welcome donations as we work to find a suitable lab location that allows us to continue to expand our mission of a collaborative, scientific culture.

Click the link below to view our workshop offerings.


We offer water testing, consultations about the results, and recommendations for improvement. We hope to test water along hiking trails and within our parks.

We strive to help make our community knowledgeable and healthier.    

Health issues can be mitigated by drinking clean water. BeBop Labs will test water and educate about test results. We will also make recommendations for solutions.



In the future we plan to help farmers and local gardeners test their soil, including the estimation of soil biota.

Normally soil tests only test for pH, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, but healthy soil need diversity in its microbiota. Bebop labs will test all aspects of soil, educate about our findings, and help to make improvements. Our goal is to have soil so healthy, you can eat it!


Information about air quality testing will be coming soon.