Our History

Our History

Fun fact: BeBop Labs was named after Dr. Morse’s chocolate lab, She is pictured here.

Dr. Kaitlyn Morse’s Story

Dr. Kaitlyn Morse is the driving force behind BeBop Labs. Dr. Morse’s support for personalized health and personalized education initiated BeBop Labs. Previously, Dr. Morse created a vaccine against tick-borne pathogen Anaplasmosis, and followed that experience with working at Mass. General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School Infectious Disease Division inventing a laser adjuvant. When Dr. Morse moved to New Hampshire, she knew she wanted to continue to make the world a healthier place and to engage her heart as well as her intellect. What better way to do that than start a nonprofit organization?

Dr. Morse quickly noticed that there was a paucity of information on ticks and tick-borne diseases throughout NH. Even though her previous experience was creating vaccines, she decided an epidemiology direction would be more effective in remote northern NH.

At the time it was rare for ticks from local communities to be collected and tested.  And at-risk locations had yet to be identified. Testing for ticks and tick-borne disease was only done by state and governmental bodies. But people wanted more information, including the likelihood of getting bit by an infected tick at local parks and favorite outdoor places. It was time for tick collection, identification, and testing to become a community-level project. But tracking ticks and tick-borne diseases would be only the beginning.

Bebop Lab’s Beginning

Through her experience teaching at Plymouth State University, Dr. Morse realized the ways in which higher education could be improved. Networking within the community showed her that people wanted to take charge of their health and were able to ask the right questions but didn’t have the resources to answer them. The need for hands-on education together with the tick problem was the initial inspiration for BeBop Labs.

At BeBop we believe that we are creating a system for our community to collectively discover how accessible science can make our lives healthier. We are changing how knowledge is gained.